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ARTICLE: Machining 3D Parts

mmtlogoMoldMaking Technology Magazine | May 2015


Doug Noxell, Owner of SURKUT Machine along with OSG USA's Roger Goble have written an article about machining three-dimensional (3D) parts in the May 2015 edition of MoldMaking Technology Magazine:

MMT May 2015 combo

"Three-dimensional (3D) machining has transformed over the last 20 years from what some might have once considered just "magic" into a structured process.  In fact, for more than 70 percent of the 3D work required in moldmaking, there are essentially seven steps necessary to achieve the desired results in terms of shape, finish and cycle time.  For the remaining work, part shape determines which of the seven steps need to be followed."

Continue reading about machining 3D parts here.

In related news, Doug Noxell and Roger Goble will be presenting a four-hour workshop at Amerimold 2015 that is designed to teach you the latest sound techniques on effectively machining three-dimensional parts.

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