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ARTICLE: CAM Software Is The Driving Force

mmslogoModern Machine Shop Magazine | January 2007

SURKUT Machine was recently featured in an article about the importance of CAD/CAM software in the January 2007 edition of Modern Machine Shop Magazine:

Doug Noxell knew he had the right software for machining to zero, so he created a shop to add the rest of the capability.

“Come back tomorrow and we will show you.”

That was the invitation from an enterprising mold shop owner in Japan to Doug Noxell, who expressed some disbelief at what he was seeing.  He had just looked at the core side of a mold for an automotive grill.  This part of the mold was in the final stages of preparation for assembly.  Ejector pins, slides and lifters were being installed as he watched.  The cavity side of this rather large mold was still on the bed of the machining center, but none of the 3D milling had started.  It was set to begin that morning, yet test shots of the finished mold were scheduled for the following afternoon.

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