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The hard milling and high-speed machining (HSM) process have become crucial in today's competitive environment.

Achieving hard milling is more than just being equipped with stable and rigid high-speed machining (HSM) centers possessing unique capabilities strictly for ultra-high precision milling to exacting sizes and polish-free finishes.

The other components that make us here at SURKUT Machine successful in the hard milling process include:

  1. SOFTWARE - CAM-TOOL software, an elite CAD/CAM system specifically designed for hard milling applications
  2. TOOLING - heat shrunk and balanced tool holders that are capable of cutting at 24,000 RPM from high-end suppliers 
  3. PEOPLE - experienced personnel with a thorough understanding of all of these principles
  4. EQUIPMENT - state-of-the-art CNC equipment with high-quality features and large XYZ travels

Areas of Expertise

Negative Stock Machining round

Negative Stock Machining

What exactly is Negative Stock Machining?

It is the process of creating a small gap between the parting line and shut-off surfaces.

Benefits of Machining to Negative Stock
  • increased tool life
  • shorter lead times
  • increased venting
  • reduced spotting time
  • minimal downtime = less repairs

It is also essential for multi-cavity and colour molds.  Learn more about this technique here.

High-Speed Rib Cutting Has Its Advantages

We have the techniques and cutting tools to effectively cut ribs rather than using EDM processes that are both costly and time consuming.


fewer processes = fewer errors

shorter lead times

lower cost versus traditional methods


depth restrictions

a sharp corner

Rib Cutting

1mm Rib with a 3° draft at a depth of 30mm

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