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PARTNERS with Innovative Solutions

In order for us at SURKUT Machine to remain a top-notch machining solutions provider we must continually invest in the best technology available.  

We work with innovative partners who bring quality solutions when it comes to machine tools, software, and much more.  Learn more about the products and services the following companies have to offer by visiting their respective websites (by clicking on their respective logo):

Absolute Machine Tools Logo

Absolute Machine Tools based out of Lorain, Ohio is a leading importer and distributor of CNC machine tools for any size machining.  They offer their customers high-quality, heavy duty CNC machine tools at reasonable prices from Johnford, You Ji, Tongtai and many more.

Toll Free: 1-(800) 852-7825 // Phone: (440) 960-6911 // Web: 

Yasda Logo2

YASDA is so serious about accuracy that they only use YASDA machines to make their machines.  Therefore, you can expect long-term precision and rigidity.  YASDA machines include features like robust guide ways mounted onto meticulously hand scraped surfaces.  There's no better way to ensure that every machine from YASDA meets your exacting standards.

Phone: (847) 439-0201 // Web: 

red cam logo1

CAM-TOOL, the "Elite CAD/CAM" system addresses the needs of the manufacturing tooling industry.  CAM-TOOL from CGS North America also addresses the sophisticated requirements of mold and die builders by offering unparalleled functionality using their powerful NC programming strategies.

Toll Free: 1-(844) 737-6009 // Phone: 519-737-6009 // Web: 

Creative Technology Logo white

Creative Technology Corp. provides complete photo, video, web sites, brochures, and marketing services for die/mold manufacturers and industry.

Phone: (847) 910-1258 // Web: 

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