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INDUSTRY NEWS: 2015/16 Train the Nation Tour

OSG USA, Inc. | February 2, 2015



Coming to a location near you, OSG will be hosting a must-attend die mold training event that you do not want to miss.

This is not an eight-hour sales pitch.  This is a course covering all aspects of machining 3D parts presented by Roger Goble, Steve McBride and Curtis Tuttle of OSG USA, Inc.  

Let OSG show you how to machine the impossible.

These techniques are the latest available from North America's top experts, including SURKUT Machine's own Doug Noxell highlighting various topics including: programming, machining application techniques and cutting tools.

OSG has remained on the cutting edge of tooling and software technology within the die mold industry.  In this seminar, they will share the best tips and techniques currently available to take your machining capabilities to the next level.  Do more with less and get better results from the machines you already use.

  8 Disciplines & Techniques

  Roger Goble, Steve McBride & Curtis Tuttle    April 2015 - June 2016 (Various Dates)    8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

2015 | Tour
OSG 10 Micron Challengemod
  1. Cincinnati, OH | April 7
  2. Grand Rapids, MI | May 5
  3. Erie, PA | June 2
  4. Boston, MA | June 30
  5. Detroit, MI | July 14
  6. Cleveland, OH | August 18
  7. Los Angeles, CA | September 29
  8. Minneapolis, MN | October 20
2016 | Tour
  1. Phoenix, AZ | January 19
  2. Charlotte, NC | February 23
  3. Indianapolis, IN | March 15
  4. Chicago, IL | April 12-13
  5. Fort Wayne, IN | May 17
  6. Milwaukee, WI | June 14

Learn more about the 2015/16 TRAIN THE NATION TOUR and find out when they are coming to a location near you. 

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