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COMPANY NEWS: We're Hiring!

Are you an experienced CNC Machinist?    

Company News | July 7, 2017

MACHINE NEWS: Tongtai Topper HB-630

Tongtai Logo

SURKUT Machine Technology Inc. has purchased a Tongtai Topper HB-630, its second horizontal machining center (HMC) to date from Absolute Machine Tools (Lorain, OH).


"The increased capacity will allow us to meet increased demand and improve overall process efficiency," says Keegan Noxell, VP of Business Operations.   

Company News | September 2016

ARTICLE: HAIMER Products Give SURKUT a Competitive Advantage

HAIMER Article ImageSURKUT Machine's Keegan Noxell, VP of Business Operations was was recently featured in an article from HAIMER USA on how HAIMER products gives SURKUT a competitive advantage.


SURKUT Machine Technology Inc., a Canadian company servicing the tool and mold industry, prides itself on having the right equipment on hand for high-speed, high-precision machining.  

HAIMER USA | June 13, 2016

COMPANY NEWS: New Shipping Address

We are pleased to announce that we’ve obtained an address for our physical location (and for shipping and receiving purposes) located on Longwoods Road to better serve our customers and vendors as opposed to the current mailing address, which has caused confusion when visiting or attempting to make deliveries.  

Company News | June 2016


PMI 20 Upcut Saw

SURKUT Machine Technology Inc. has added the PMI-20 High-Speed Upcut Aluminum saw to their expanding lineup of impressive equipment.  

Company News | November 2015

NEW BROCHURE: SURKUT Machine Unveils New Brochure

SURKUT Machine Technology Inc. is pleased to unveil its latest company brochure.  

Company News | June 2015

EVENT: Amerimold 2015

The team at SURKUT Machine attended the Amerimold 2015 conference and exhibition.  

Amerimold 2015 | June 2015

ARTICLE: Machining 3D Parts

mmtlogo Machining3DPartsmod

Doug Noxell, Owner of SURKUT Machine along with OSG USA's Roger Goble have written an article about machining three-dimensional (3D) parts in the May 2015 edition of MoldMaking Technology Magazine:


"Three-dimensional (3D) machining has transformed over the last 20 years from what some might have once considered just "magic" into a structured process.  In fact, for more than 70 percent of the 3D work required in moldmaking, there are essentially seven steps necessary to achieve the desired results in terms of shape, finish and cycle time.  For the remaining work, part shape determines which of the seven steps need to be followed."  

MoldMaking Technology Magazine | May 2015

INDUSTRY NEWS: 2015/16 Train the Nation Tour



Coming to a location near you, OSG will be hosting a must-attend die mold training event that you do not want to miss.


This is not an eight-hour sales pitch.  This is a course covering all aspects of machining 3D parts presented by Roger Goble, Steve McBride and Curtis Tuttle of OSG USA, Inc.


Let OSG show you how to machine the impossible.  

OSG USA, Inc. | February 2, 2015

INDUSTRY NEWS: Amerimold 2015 Workshop

Amerimold 2015

Doug Noxell, Owner of SURKUT Machine Technology Inc. along with Roger Goble of OSG USA, Inc. (formerly OSG Tap & Die, Inc.) will be presenting a four-hour workshop at Amerimold 2015 that is designed to teach you the latest sound techniques on effectively machining three-dimensional parts.


It will tie together the cutting tools, software and machining technology and techniques necessary to reduce cycle times, lead times and costs.  

Amerimold 2015 | January 2015

NEW WEBSITE: SURKUT Machine Launches New Website

SURKUT Machine Technology Inc. is thrilled to announce the launch of its new website.  

Company News | June 2014

INDUSTRY NEWS: Train The Nation: 10 City Tour

Core Finishmod

Are you constantly struggling to do more with less and provide better results with the same machines?  Do you think there are results you just can't achieve when it comes to die mold machining?


Well think again!  Invest one day with OSG USA, Inc. to gain a thorough understanding of what some say is impossible to accomplish.  

OSG USA, Inc. | April 30, 2014

MACHINE NEWS: Yasda YBM-9150V CNC Jig Borer

YasdaSURKUT Machine Technology Inc. is proud to announce that it has added a Yasda YBM-9150V CNC Jig Borer equipped with two (2) 1500 x 900mm pallets, the only one of its kind in all of North America.


This machine tool is generally known to be one of the most accurate and rigid CNC machines available in the industry. Thus, further proving why we chose to invest in a Yasda CNC Jig Borer.  

Company News | October 2013

MACHINE NEWS: New Tongtai Topper HB-500

Tongtai Logo

The Company has purchased a brand new Tongtai Topper HB-500 horizontal machining center equipped with a larger ATC capacity and a fully rotating B-axis to replace its older horizontal machining center originally purchased in August of 2010.  

Company News | October 2013

MACHINE NEWS: Johnford Hi-Net SHV-1000

Johnford Logo

SURKUT Machine Technology Inc. has added its third vertical machining center, and fourth machine to date, a Johnford Hi-Net SHV-1000 from Absolute Machine Tools (Lorain, OH).  The machine has travels of (X) 41.0" (Y) 24.0" (Z) 20.0".  

Company News | September 2012

VIDEO: Maximizing Cutter Life


Doug Noxell, Owner of SURKUT Machine Technology Inc. describes how he evaluates cutting tool performance to ensure that he is running at the best parameters.  “In the first 10 or 15 minutes, you can get a lot of information,” he says.  

Modern Machine Shop (Online) | April 2011

MACHINE NEWS: Tongtai Topper HB-500

Tongtai Logo

SURKUT Machine Technology Inc. has purchased it's first horizontal machining center (HMC), a Tongtai Topper HB-500.  

Company News | August 2010

COMPANY NEWS: We Have Moved!

SURKUT Machine Technology Inc. has moved to a new facility located in Mount Brydges, ON, which is conveniently located halfway between Toronto and Windsor, ON.  The Company also announced that Doug Noxell has assumed full control of the company, effective immediately.  He will serve as its Owner and President.  

Company News | August 2009

ARTICLE: CAM Software Is The Driving Force


SURKUT Machine was recently featured in an article about the importance of CAD/CAM software in the January 2007 edition of Modern Machine Shop Magazine.  

Modern Machine Shop | January 2007

MACHINE NEWS: Johnford Hi-Net DMC-1600

Johnford Logo

SURKUT Machine is pleased to announce the addition of its second CNC machine, a Johnford Hi-Net DMC-1600.  

Company News | 2006

MACHINE NEWS: Tongtai Topper MDV-812

Tongtai Logo

SURKUT Machine is excited to announce the addition of its first CNC machine, a Tongtai Topper MDV-812.  

Company News | August 2005




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