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The map below shows SURKUT Machine's location within approximately a 482.8 kilometer (or 300 mile) radius.
Note: The image to the right shows our facility (circled) and mailing address identified by the location marker.


Click the marker button to pop up a window to input information for driving directions from your location.


Disclaimer: The map is for reference only.  SURKUT Machine Technology Inc. cannot guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, completeness or usefulness of any map and corresponding information (or additional resources) provided on this page.  SURKUT Machine provides this information on an "as is" basis without warranty of any kind and therefore assumes no responsibility for anyone's use of the information provided.

GPS Coordinates

42° 51' 40" N
81° 29' 27" W

How To Get Here...

Are you coming in from Michigan?  

Here are some general guidelines on how to get to our facility from either Detroit, MI or Port Huron, MI:

From Detroit, MI:

  1. After crossing over the Ambassador Bridge into Windsor, ON, get on E.C. Row Expressway E.
  2. Follow ON-401 E to Graham Road/County Road 76 in West Elgin.
  3. Take Exit 137 from ON-401 E.
  4. Take Longwoods Road (Middlesex County Road 2 in Strathroy-Caradoc) to just before Christina Road.
  5. NOTE: Turn left into the last driveway before the intersection.

From Port Huron, MI:

  1. Shortly after crossing the Blue Water Bridge into Sarnia, ON, take ON-402 E to Longwoods Road.
  2. Take Exit 86 from ON-402 E
  3. Follow Longwoods Road to Christina Road.
  4. Do NOT turn onto Christina Road, instead continue on Longwoods Road (Middlesex County Road 2) just past Christina Road until you reach the first driveway on your right.

  Alternative Route:

  1. As an alternative, you can take ON-402 E to County Road 81 in Adelaide-Metcalfe.
  2. Take Exit 65 from ON-402 E.
  3. Continue on County Road 81 to Christina Road.
  4. Continue PAST 21957 Christina Road to Longwoods Road.
  5. Make a right-turn onto Longwoods Road and another right-turn into the first driveway on your right.
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